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Spring Events Near Calgary, AB

Springtime offers a perfect excuse to get out in your Ford cars, drop the top or roll the windows down, and make the best of the spring events that take place in and around Calgary, AB every year. In fact, here are a few of our favorite upcoming spring events in the area:

Calgary International Beerfest (May 5-6) – The world of beer is a whole lot different than it was 20 years ago, when everybody drank the same two or three nationwide brands and the idea of mass distributing a microbrew was more pipe dream than reality. Today, the variety of beers available to Canadians is frankly staggering, and beerfests like this fantastic one help give patrons in Calgary, AB and Strathmore, AB a taste of the best of them.

Calgary International Children’s Festival (May 24-27) – With a special focus on theater, this kid-centric event is a blast for everybody in the family. Not only are there a number of performances and workshops worth attending, but there’s plenty of other entertainment of all types, ranging from magicians to musicians. It’s a great couple of days for the whole family and certainly one of the brighter spots in this province in the springtime.

Scotiabank Calgary Marathon (May 25-28) – There’s no better time for marathons than the spring, and this one is especially fantastic because it raises a significant amount of money for area charities. People love to run, but they also love a good cause, and this spring event is a perfect combination of the two!

At Strathmore Ford, encourage drivers to hop into their automobiles and head on over to one or more of these great spring events. What better way to enjoy this beautiful weather than behind the wheel of a car you love, en route to an event you’re excited to be attending?


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